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Publishes integration status to twitter account. Portions of the code used to publish to twitter are from Yedda Twitter C# Library v0.1 written by Eran Sandler. This publisher builds the same string as Thomas Freudenberg's twitter publisher, I used a 'twit' instead of 'twitter' for the type name so it does not interfere with Thomas' plugin.


Name Description Required Type Default
username The twitter user account true string
password The twitter account password true string
continueOnFailure if true, the build will not fail if this publisher fails false boolean false
projectUrl Allows overriding of the project url linked in twitter status false string result.ProjectUrl
proxy Connect to service through a proxy. see Proxy false Proxy

Task Result

When the publisher finishes it will add xml similar to the following
    <created_at>Fri Apr 25 03:02:48 +0000 2008</created_at>
    <text>CCNetPlugins Build Successful: Build See</text>

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