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A macro performs some task and returns a string. Calling a macro looks like this:

These are the currently supported macros:
  • GetFileSize ( file )
    • This will get the file size of {file}.
  • BuildConditionToConfiguration ( )
    • Returns "Release" if the BuildCondition is "ForceBuild" otherwise it will return "Debug"
  • DateTimeToString(DateString, FormatString)
    • Returns a DateTime formated using the FormatString
  • DateTimeToString(FormatString)
    • Returns current DateTime formated using the FormatString
  • XslTransform ( xpathToRootElement, xslUrl )
    • Performs an Xsl Transform on the xml element selected from the frist argument in the integration task results

If you have request for macros, post comments here or in the discussions section.

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