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Q. I can't remember all the elements for the configuring CC.NET is there a tool that can simplify the configuration of these plugins and CruiseControl.NET?
A. Yes, CCNetConfig[^|] is what you are looking for.

Q. How do I install the CC.NET Community Plugins?
A. First you have to stop CruiseControl.NET. If running as a service they you can stop from the command line by typing. net stop ccservice Once CruiseControl.NET is no longer running just extract the binaries zip file to the CruiseControl.NET server directory. You can then start CruiseControl.NET again by typing: net start ccservice

Q. How do I add a copyright tag to the channel tag?
A. You can add your own copyright tag to the channel tag by using the <feedElements /> group.

    <rssElement name="copyright" value="Copyright &#169; Ryan Conrad. All Rights Reserved." />

Q. I want to use the same url for the build item link and for the url of the enclosure. Do I have to type the same thing multiple times?
A. No. You can use the RssBuildsPublisher's built in properties to use that value again. Using the link and enclosure example:

 <rssBuilds addEnclosure="true">

In the above example I also used other properties that are supported by Rss Builds Publisher. You can see them all on the Supported Properties page.

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