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The CodePlex Release Publisher makes use of the CodePlex API to create a release on CodePlex and upload release files to the release

    <release releaseName="$(Label)">
      <description>$(ProjectName) $(Label) $(ReleaseType) 
        <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label).zip"
                 fileType="RuntimeBinary" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                 name="$(ProjectName).$(Label)" />
        <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label)"
                 fileType="SourceCode" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                 name="$(ProjectName).$(Label).src" />
        <releaseFile fileName="F:\bins\$(ProjectName)\$(Label)\$(ProjectName).$(Label)"
                 fileType="RuntimeBinary" mimeType="application/x-zip"
                 name="$(ProjectName).$(Label).msi" />

Name Description Required Type Default
username The CodePlex username that has permissions to create a release for the project true string
password The password for the CodePlex user account true string
projectName The name of the project, this is case sensitive. If left blank, the CCNET project name will be used (set to lower case false string result.ProjectName.ToLower()
releases A collection of releases to create for the project: see Releases Element false Release Element Collection
proxy Connect to service through a proxy. see Proxy false Proxy

Release Element

Name Description Required Type Default
releaseName The name of the release true string
description The description of the release. see Macros true string
releaseFiles A collection of files to include in the release. see ReleaseFile Element true Release File Collection
buildCondition AllBuildConditions, IfModificationsExists, ForceBuild. See BuildCondition for more info. false BuildCondition AllBuildConditions
releaseStatus Planned or Released true ReleaseStatus
releaseType The type of release. This will be added to the name of the release. {null}, Alpha, Beta, Nightly, Production false ReleaseType {null}
releaseDate The date of the release. false DateTime DateTime.Now
isDefaultRelease If true, this release will be the default release false bollean true
showOnHomePage if true, this release will be shown on the home page false boolean true
showToPublic if true, this release will be visible to the public false boolean true

ReleaseFile Element

Name Description Required Type Default
fileName This MUST be the FULL PATH to the file true string
fileType Tells CodePlex what type of file it is. RuntimeBinary, SourceCode, Documentation or Example true FileType
mimeType The mime type of the file false string application/octet-stream
name The display name for the file. If blank, the filename will be used false string {fileName}.FileName

Release Types

Name Description
{null} No Release Type Specified
Alpha The release is an Alpha release
Beta The release is an Beta release
Nightly The release is an Nightly release
Production The release is an Production release

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